This is a copper plate piece that I did in 2017. The initial design was pencil drawn in a sketchbook and further developed digitally in Adobe Photoshop. The final piece is a 12"x18" copper piece done with FW acrylic ink, acrylic paint, and an electric and manual engraver.

(C) Artwork displayed within this project is property of Terrence Vanatta and is not available for sale or repurpose without consent.

Terrence vanatta 20171108 125106 2

Finished Piece

Terrence vanatta 20170914 175616

Initial sketch

Terrence vanatta devotion sketch

Digital rendition

Terrence vanatta devotion sketch color wolf fix

Final color comp

Terrence vanatta 20170927 000245

'No Melt Mylar' sheets cut to size of the copper plate, and images laser printed in reverse on the mylar.

Terrence vanatta 20170927 000337

Placement of mylar onto copper plate and tape it to the surface.

Terrence vanatta 20170927 000429

Ironing the back of the mylar sheet for approximately 5 minutes.

Time Lapse Video